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          RFID Division

          WANSHSIN Motor Business Department


          About our

          企業使命:為客戶創造價值,為社會創造利益,為員工創造機會! 企業目標:做國內頂尖的自動化應用解決方案提供商。...
          上海研航自動化科技 比安緹智能科技(蘇州)
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          英頻杰Impinj?公司是全球**的超高頻 Gen 2 RFID解決方案供應商。 基于公司的先進技術與業界諸多合作伙伴一起推出眾多的產品和解決方案,包括高性能的標簽芯片,讀寫器,讀寫器芯片,軟件,天線和系統集成。


          UHF電子標簽工作頻率范圍為860~960MHz,從而讀取的距離可以很遠。在世界范圍內,EPC Class1 Gen2是使用*多的協議。UHF標簽不但可以在室內使用,還可以在非常惡劣的室外環境下使用。



          Speedway Reader Features and Benefits

          > Available in 2 or 4 antenna port configurations, expandable to 32

          antennas with Speedway Antenna Hub to deliver lower total cost of

          ownership and greater application flexibility

          > Exclusive, patented Autopilot capability simplifies deployment and

          delivers more than 1,100 tag reads per second by automatically

          optimizing settings for best, most reliable, and efficient performance:

          ? Autoset: Continuously senses environmental RF noise and

          interference levels, automatically selecting appropriate reader

          configuration settings

          ? Low duty cycle: Reduces RF interference, power consumption, and

          energy cost by only transmitting when tags are in field

          ? Dynamic antenna switching: senses where tags are in the field and

          automatically focuses more time on the antennas with the largest

          tag populations in view

          > The industry’s highest RF sensitivity (-84dBm) provides greater accuracy and longer read ranges

          > Simple deployment via Power over Ethernet (PoE), with enterprise-class management and monitoring

          > Field-proven, enterprise-class durability with high mean-time between failure



          上海研航自動化科技 比安緹智能科技(蘇州)
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